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Jerry Ford is a Detroit native who grew up in the in the inner-city streets of some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America. He has been involved in and witnessed everything from gun violence to drug trafficking and addiction, jail, gang life, and murder. At age fourteen, Jerry’s brother, Sam, was murdered on their mother’s birthday. At age seventeen, Jerry’s best friend, Steven, was also murdered. The list goes on. One of the ways Jerry channeled his anger was through martial arts. He became a black belt in multiple styles, and received gold medals in the Junior Olympics and other world-respected tournaments. 


Jerry received his Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University. Immediately after college, he started his career as a personal fitness trainer at the New York Health & Racquet Club, and soon became one of the company’s top trainers. Having established himself as a fitness professional in New York City, Jerry moved to Los Angeles where he became a top trainer at Equinox. After mastering the science of human engineering, Jerry parted ways with Equinox to launch his own private training business. His clientele included high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, royal family members, fighters, and a variety of other tastemakers. While still based in Los Angeles, he traveled nationally and internationally to train clients. 


In 2018, Jerry wrote his first best-selling book, Guns, Drugs, or Wealth. The book talks about how Jerry overcame inner-city poverty, violence, and tragedy to achieve remarkable success. He shares his inspiring true story and a powerful three-pronged investment strategy that provides a pathway anyone can follow to financial security and peace of mind. The book outlines how Jerry used the money he accumulated from personal training to build his wealth by investing in stocks and real estate and through smart spending. If Jay-Z and Warren Buffet collaborated on a how-to guide to building personal capital, it would combine invaluable financial expertise with street-smart wisdom. Guns, Drugs, or Wealth does just that. The book can be found on Amazon and 


Jerry retired from personal training to be a full-time investor in 2019, keeping Big Sean, a Grammy nominated, platinum selling rapper from Detroit, as his only client. Financial investing is Jerry’s passion. He invests in stocks, real estate, television and film, and anything else he believes to be balance sheet-worthy. He recently created a Ford Capital Fund, a company for holding and actively managing a portfolio of exchange- traded securities. The company holds a portfolio in the stock market and works with co-investors, including celebrities and other high-net-worth individuals, to capitalize on their investment. After countless meetings with potential co-investors’ business managers, Jerry realized that most had no idea how to effectively invest their client’s money. As a result, putting himself and his co-investors in well-screened and strategic investment positions became Jerry’s priority. Jerry started this business to help his co-investors get the most out of their money, but it also resulted in mutually-rewarding relationships. Jerry plans to continue to build on his financial success by staying educated and always keeping his mind open for the next big opportunity. 


Jerry has been featured in many media publications including Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Men’s Health, The American Reporter, LatestLy and California Herald Magazine. Ford has also been featured on the podcasts Financial Grownup and Author hour. In addition, Jerry was recently on The Compound with Josh Brown (DowntownJoshBrown) discussing life, investing and fitness.  


“Don’t be afraid of the stock market, be afraid of not having the knowledge to have the choice to enter into the stock market” – Jerry Ford

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